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What is ReCell?

ReCell is an innovative device and procedure used for the treatment of a wide range of wounds, burns, scars and skin defects. The technology takes advantage of the regenerative capability of skin, enabling a surgeon to collect a very small sample of the patient's own skin and to re-apply these skin cells, using a gentle spray, to ensure rapid healing, and the return of proper texture and pigmentation to an area that has been burned, scarred or is hypo- or hyper-pigmented as a result of injury or disease (for example, due to Vitiligo).

Working with a small sample of the patient's own skin ReCell produces a suspension of skin cells that contains all of the cells necessary to promote healthy skin growth. The cell suspension, which is sprayed onto an affected area to be treated, contains the appropriate mixture of healthy cells of different types to promote healing (keratinocytes), skin structure (fibroblasts) and cells that reintroduce normal colour (melanocytes) in areas where the pigmentation has become too dark or white as a result of injury, scars or disease.

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The procedure

The ReCell procedure is rapid and remarkably simple. The procedure generally occurs in an operating theatre under anaesthesia, although, depending on the condition being treated, for example, a region of skin discolouration on the face, the option of local anaesthetic can be discussed with your doctor.

A small sample of skin (biopsy) is collected from an area close to the skin region to be treated; this ensures that, as the new skin regrows, the treated area has the same colour and texture as the surrounding skin. The biopsy is a 1 - 2 centimetre square area (approximately the size and thickness of a postage stamp) which is also treated with the spray to help it heal rapidly.

While the surgeon is preparing the area to be treated, the skin will be placed into the ReCell kit. The ReCell kit seperates, isolates and reactivates the patient's collected skin cells. The suspension of healthy, activated cells is then sprayed onto the wound area or region of skin to be treated. Once sprayed onto the affected area, the patient's healthy cells enter into a phase of rapid growth, proliferation and migration, rapidly covering the affected area and reconstructing a 'new' skin that matches the surrounding tissue in texture and colour. That is, ReCell allows the regeneration of an entirely new sheet of healthy and unblemished skin which is rapidly grown over the wound using the patient's own skin cells collected in the small biopsy.

Following the procedure

Following the procedure, the treated area and biopsy site will be covered with a dressing and must be protected from direct sun and physical impact for a period of approximately 5-7 day, depending on the reason for treatment with ReCell. After this period the dressing will be removed by your doctor or clinic nurse. Your doctor will give you advice concerning what creams you are allowed to use, how much you can expose the treated area to the sun and what you should expect after the treatment.