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ReCell® Spray-On Skin is a stand-alone, rapid, autologous cell harvesting, processing and delivery technology that enables surgeons and clinicians to treat skin defects using the patient's own cells in a regenerative process, accelerating healing, minimizing scar formation, eliminating tissue rejection and reintroducing pigmentation to the skin.

ReCell has been designed for use in a wide variety of wound, plastic, reconstructive, burn and cosmetic procedures.

The procedure is performed on site, utilizes a patented and proprietary 'spray-on' application technique, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and does not require laboratory facilities.

The ReCell product is approved for marketing and sales in Europe, Canada and Australia. ReCell is under clinical investigation as an investigational device and is not approved for marketing in the USA. For the USA, this material should be considered informational only and does not constitute an offer to sell.